Luxury Gemstone Jewelry

Established purveyors of fine precious stones and diamond jewelry. Looking to the future, we create cutting-edge gemstone designs. Shaped with an intricate array of different cuts, hues and settings. Rest assured this is jewelry that aspires to the very zenith of quality

Ethically sourced fine diamonds and gemstones have been hand selected. For the refined Necklaces and Pendants range. Masterfully crafted and arranged in a variety of styles from classic to modern.



The Rings collection features a stunning selection of a ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones. Used for a variety of designs. From classic Solitaire Engagemgemstoneent Rings and Cocktail Rings to sophisticated Eternity Bands to symbolise eternal love.


Designed to accentuate beauty and character, the  Bracelets collection features a range of styles using ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones, each skilfully wrought to symbolize true beauty.



Delve into the  gemstone collection and discover the perfect symbol of love with a birthstone to truly celebrate. An array of colors and cuts are sourced from all over the world, shaped and set for an effusion to cherish.


Since we started, many years ago, our goal has always been simple: we want to offer an honest, ethical service predicated upon a strong appreciation for new and unique jewelry. At the same time we want to couple our knowledge and care with the ability to bring you genuine diamond and gemstone jewelry at the lowest possible prices.

“It has always been our intention to be original, bold and, most importantly, ethical.”

As a trusted jeweler we only use stones that are 100% natural. We do not use synthetic, created or treated stones (with the exception of Cubic Zirconia, which is a fully synthetic stone.) We only produce jewelry using solid gold, white gold and sterling silver. Solid metals ensure exceptionally high quality jewelry that lasts. We do not plate any of our items.

Mother & Daughter

Looking for way to tighten your mother daughter bond? Check out jewelry sets and other gift ideas for the closest woman in your life.

Share more in common with sets that match, or that combine together as one piece.

Having a way to keep a thought of your special bond together is great for good times and for times of growth.  Make an amazing pick me up to show your constant support and love that has no boundaries.  Let them know you are there no matter what, and unconditionally.